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49-53 seater coach

Your group can cover a lot of area with our 49 seater 53 seater coach Aberdeen. These spacious, eloquent vehicles were made to transport large groups to and from their destinations. Vehicles this size will offer the largest amount of amenities because they have seating for so many people. Guests will be privy to bathroom facilities, drink stations, functional air conditioning, music, movies and the like. Additionally, each coach and minibus is comfortable, as the manufacturers designed them all specifically to evoke sleep and relaxation. By hiring a large coach with a driver from Aberdeen Coach Hire, you are ensuring that your large group has a relaxed journey to its destination.

Uses for the Large Coaches

You can use the large coaches for a wide variety of purposes. Such coaches are excellent for tours and shows. They are so spacious that they can easily fit several music bands for a huge tour. The 49 seater 53 seater coach Aberdeen vehicles are large enough to accommodate a huge senior citizen group that may want to have a casino night out. Additionally, the larger vehicles can transport small wedding or funeral parties to the ceremonial sites and then to various places after the event.

You will Think you are Home

The comfort level of the 49 seater 53 seater coach Aberdeen vehicle is so high that you will forget you are riding in a coach. Each seat sinks into bliss for the rider. In fact, your group might be so impressed with the comfort that people may start thinking they are home and fall asleep. We love the fact that consumers could relax enough in our vehicles to fall asleep. It means that we are doing our jobs correctly, and we need to continue doing such.

Reserve Your Coach Today

Whether you are going on a spontaneous sightseeing trip, or you are attending a multiple family wedding, Aberdeen Coach Hire has the manpower and the vehicles that you need to make your journey perfect. You can start the quote process by either calling us on the phone or completing the short form on the site. You will need to tell us the number of people who will be travelling with the group and the times and dates for pickup and return. We will respond with the best possible rate in the UK for the service. You will be delighted to hear the number.