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Stag do/Hen do Coach Hire

When a bloke is about to be married, it is imperative that he have his last night on the town to spend with his best mates. The group usually visits various places in the area and shares drinks, humorous stories and sometimes-cheeky activities. A stag do is necessary for any Aberdeen or UK resident. We can provide the stag do coach hire Aberdeen and the personable help that will make the experience unforgettable for the bloke and all the people who join him. Aberdeen Coach Hire can transport a group of people to following places for a stag do:

Number 7 Strip Club

Many Aberdeen men probably list the number seven as one of their favourites. The Number 7 Strip Club is a great place for an engaged bloke to view and appreciate the beauty of female variety one last time. The establishment is constantly seeking new talented females, and the ones who already work there are delightful on the eyes. Number 7 offers a wide assortment of stag party options. Such options include exclusive pole dances, drinks, meals, lap dances, and £100 for the person who is going to be married. Interested persons can create a bespoke stag do at this amazing venue. If you are planning a magnificent last night out, you can contact us for stag do coach hire Aberdeen.


Revolution is an attractive two-story venue that provides a wide range of options for a stag do. Those who prefer dignified entertainment to cheeky entertainment may prefer to arrange their nights at the Revolution. Staff members at this venue can offer multiple themes for stag parties, birthday parties, and other celebrations. An extremely popular them is the casino nights theme. Many people request this theme for their event. Usually, the administrators set up the venue to resemble a casino, but the players may not play for real money. That way, everyone has fun, but no one loses all of his or her pounds.

Thunder Road

Thunder Road may not be the typical place to direct a stag do coach hire Aberdeen, but it sure looks like fun. The bloke who is getting married may very well want to have a wee bit of vehicular excitement. Thunder Road has dynamic go karts that run on a renewable energy source. Not only are they fast and exciting, but they are eco-friendly. Thunder Road is a seasonal establishment, which means that it is only open during certain times of the year. It will be open during the spring, and it would make a perfect venue for a group that likes to race.

Organise Your Stag Party Now

If you are planning a stag do in Aberdeen, do not wait until the last minute. Look through our inventory of spacious, comfortable coaches and minibuses and find something that suits you. Then, complete an online enquiry with us to receive your quote. Aberdeen Coach Hire promises to give you a price that you will have a difficult time beating anywhere else.