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Aberdeen Coach Hire is the service reserved for medium to large groups that exceed 16 passengers. These groups make trips with us both locally and across the UK. The typical size of such groups is 16 plus. These jobs are covered using pur midicoaches, full size coaches and double decker coach.

We deal with large and small corporations on daily basis both from the public and private sector. Also we are always reasy to serve individual customer if they have such requirements. We assure guidance and brilliant customer every step of your booking with us.

During busy times such as summers and christmas we receive a high number of calls and queries, therefore we always advice our customers to book in advance during these periods. We do our best to meet your demands all times and to cater for peak seasons we allocate extra buses, drivers and staffs to be at your service. We also contract our jobs to licensed operators if there is a need and to avoid disappointment to our customers. This helps us cater to extra demand and offer flexibility for last minute bookings to our customers.

Finding a credible transport for a large groups is very important when transporting large groups as arranging public transport for such cases is very difficult to manage as you are not sure if public transport will have enough space for your group to be able to travel together in one vehicle. whereas taxis, minibuses or trains can be a very expensive option. Gathering people at one location and hiring a coach not only ensures you door to door service and laso lowers per head costs. Also this means that you do not have to schedule your travel as per the timings of bus and train services which might not be suitable for your needs.

Similar to our minibus hire division Just like the minibus hire wing, our coach hire is dedicated to assure that all our customers reach their destinations happy and satisfied. We are always more than happy to take the extra steps t make sure that you have a safe and comfortable coach journey. We have a team of maintainence technicians who make sure our buses operate perfectly on your journewithout any problems on your trip. None of our minibuses or coaches leave the depot without undergoing supervision from these experts. If there is any defect it is either rectified or a different vehicle is assigned for you.

To provide additional benefits to our customers we have modified our vehicles in a number of ways. These include reclining comfortable seats, drink coolers and navigation system. We always keep customer needs such as the ones highlighted in our minds and this is the reason you will not find the quality of service such as ours with any other coach company in Peterborough.

All members of our team know their job very well and hencce are able to give you the right advice always. Many of them bring with them a decent industry experience and they use it to give you the best suggestions to help you choose the right option for your group. Our team is more than happy to assist you in finding other elements of your trip and they can direct you to the right hotel or catering service of you need advice in these areas.

We handpick our coach drivers as we understand they are the key to delivering great service. By selecting from our pool of drivers, you choose somebody who has passed through strict tests, with good knowledge and hence will be able to to take you to destination in a safe and fun manner. Ensuring thar our drivers our CBR checked and have all relevant qualification is of utmost importance to us. They are residents of peterbororugh so they use this knowledge to take you to your drop off point taking the best route and saving time.

They will go beyond your expectations with regards to their driving abilities and customer friendliness. This the reason we proudly advertise that you wont find drivers like ours anywhereelse in peterborough.

So please peterborough coach hire and we assure you we will provide the best coach hire with driver for your group at cheap rates.