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Double Decker Coach 72 Seater

The double decker coach 72 Seater Aberdeen is the mother load of all coaches. This vehicle is capable of seating up to 72 people with a decent amount of luggage. The double decker vehicle is no flimsy vehicle. Expert manufacturers such as Ford and Mercedes constructed it to withstand a beating. Therefore, it can hold 72 people in it without suffering any mechanical difficulties. This enormous coach can serve many purposes in Aberdeen. Most commonly, a coach of this size would work for a wedding party or funeral party. Such parties usually draw enormous groups of people. Those who are orchestrating the entertainment and transportation would request the double decker vehicle from Aberdeen Coach Hire just to be on the safe side.

Another reason for a double decker coach 72 Seater Aberdeen would be a school trip that involves a multitude of classes visiting the same venue, or an assortment of music bands and performers who decided to tour together and split the bill. No matter what the reason is for a person’s request to book a double decker coach, we will most definitely approve the application. We love to put people in the vehicles that they need.

Our double decker coach 72 seater Aberdeen vehicles have an extensive amount of features and benefits of which not everyone is aware. For one, each coach and minibus has features that enhance each person’s experience. The air conditioning helps riders who get hot easily. The comfortable seating keeps the travellers’ backs from having too much of a strain. The bathroom facilities give the guests a place to freshen up and take care of business during the trip. CD and DVD players provide a source of entertainment for anyone who may be travelling with children. Additionally, some coach riders may be able to see some on-board entertainment.

Since planning is best when someone performs it early, you can start booking your humongous coach for your trip or event. You can get someone’s attention by calling or completing the form. Calling on the telephone might be slightly easier, but the request still might take a while to process. We try to give our customers quotes within 60 seconds, but naturally, a bespoke arrangement would require more time to develop. Even when we do not meet the 60-second requirement, we still provide some of the quickest responses in the UK. Reserve your spot on the double decker coach today.