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We thank you for taking the time to read about our minibus hire with driver service. The service includes your choice of minibus or coach. The size of the vehicle depends on your requirements. No matter what vehicle you choose, it will be certifiably operable, clean, and have a flawless appearance. All minibuses and coaches for our company come from dependable manufacturers such as Ford and Mercedes. Therefore, your vehicle will be reliable.

The driver that comes with the service will be a completely humble person whose sole intention is to cater to your needs. Aberdeen residents always enjoy this service because they sometimes forget what it feels like to be treated with respect. Our drivers give them a newly found sense of hope in humanity.

Our minibus hire service is much more personal than simply supplying a vehicle and a driver. What we supply is an overall experience of pleasantries, respect and unexpected bonding. Our minibus drivers grew up in the local area. Therefore, they know where all the hot spots and interesting sites are. They are also very skilled in figuring out the best alternative route to get somewhere. Furthermore, the driver will act as a friend if the client has no one for simple conversation.

A minibus hire with driver can serve many purposes in the UK. We provide this service to people who would like to have birthday parties and stag and hen parties. We also offer it to people who would like to travel to or from the airport. Additionally, a person who has an important business meeting or a spontaneous desire to travel could use the service. A nice minibus hire night out or day trip could make a huge difference in a person’s marriage or family life.

Attractions in Aberdeen

Many people who reserve minibus or coach hire do not quite know where they want to go for their adventure. Aberdeen is a beautiful place with a wide assortment of attractions, activities and intriguing stops. The following are just a few places a customer could go with his or her vehicle and driver:

Aberdeen Watersports Centre

Those who love the water would enjoy visiting the Aberdeen Watersports Centre. The centre is jammed packed with a plethora of educational information as well as exciting water activities. A visitor to this site could obtain scuba diving lessons or take a first aid course to try to get a lifeguard job. Additionally, the site offers rescue diver training. Visitors can also learn open water diving. The centre provides a little extra variety for the world.

Queen Victoria and Miscellaneous Statues

One who would like to use his or her minibus hire service to drive around and view historical landmarks might really enjoy stopping by the Queen Victoria statue. Two other statues that may prompt a person to stop and marvel are the Edward VII statue and the William Wallace statue. Some people who have seen the William Wallace statue have referred to it as a breath-taking masterpiece. That description cannot be far-fetched, because even in pictures the statue looks astonishing.

Kartstart Indoor Raceways

Those who appreciate adrenalin surges and vehicular movement would greatly appreciate a visit to the Kartstart Indoor Raceways. Visitors are allowed to participate in competitive Go Kart riding. On certain nights, visitors can reserve one hour of racing for as little as 37 pounds. The best part about this place is that it has an indoor track. In other words, the weather outside cannot affect anyone’s fun. The raceways could add some flair to anyone’s day and give a whole new meaning to the minibus hire experience.

Wee Bear Comedy

Laughter is the universal element that can lift the spirit of any person in any walk of life. Wee Bear Comedy Club would be an amazing stop for a person who is travelling around Aberdeen with a minibus hire and trying to find something to do. The Wee Bear Comedy Club is a new club that features some of the most popular Scottish comedy. Examples of performers who will be at the club are David Kay, Mark Nelson, and The Reverend Obadiah Steppenwolfe III. Since it is always appropriate for a person to have a wee bit of fun, this comedy venue is highly recommended.

Hire Your Minibus With Driver Today

If you would like to secure a minibus hire with driver today, you simply need to complete the short enquiry form. You will have to submit information about where you would like to go and what type of accommodations you will need. We also need to have the dates and times for your pickup. Once we receive your request, we will calculate your quote and get back to you with the figure. If you are happy with the figure, we can set up your minibus hire for as soon as you like.

The Unbeatable Fleet and Staff

Aberdeen Coach Hire is one of the most successful companies in the UK because of its overall winning combination. When people call us to reserve 8 seater minibus hire Aberdeen, they know that they are getting a vehicle that was designed with extreme comfort and performance in mind. Manufacturers such as Ford and Mercedes made sure that they built the vehicles with extra features and amenities that customers would need. Each minibus and coach in our fleet has the following attractive features:

  • Air conditioning
  • CD player
  • DVD player
  • Advanced GPS system
  • Safety devices

You can rest assure that you will arrive at any event that you schedule on time at the worst and with ample time at best. All of our drivers have years of experience and training. They are natives of the area, so they make excellent tour guides as well. If you need to secure an 8 seater minibus hire Aberdeen for your next wedding, party or business venture, do not hesitate to give us a call or complete an online form.